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NEW NoxCam SWIR for 0.9 to 1.7µm sensing

new NoxCam SWIR

NoxCam camera series now extends to the SWIR part of the infrared spectrum.

NoxCam SWIR offers the same features and interfaces as other NoxCam, hence simplifying its use and integration.  The camera embeds :

  • High performance TEC cooled SWIR detector (0.9 to 1.7µm)
  • 4 positions motorised spectral wheel
  • Embedded long duration recording to SSD
  • Motorised focus and autofocus compatible with any SWIR lens
  • Advanced detector synchronisation signals and configurations
  • Industry standard interfaces and embedded user application

NoxCam SWIR is the ideal tool for radiometric measurement, range and signature applications, industry research and inline process, … and many more.

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Meet us at Milipol Paris 2023.

We are thrilled to welcome you on our booth at Milipol Paris 2023, from November 14 to 17, 2023 !
We will be showcasing our NoxCore product range for long range surveillance, aerial surveillance systems, counter-drone systems, police and special forces operations. But also our NoxCam measurement cameras oriented toward forensic and investigations, non-destructive material testing systems. 

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More information on Milipol 2023.


High Performance Infrared Cameras demo at Paris Air Show
Meet us at Paris Air Show 2023.

We will be showcase our latests products and innovations at Paris Air Show, from June 19-25, 2023. 
SIAE Paris Air Show is a must to attend show when it comes to aerial surveillance systems, counter-drone systems, but also measurement cameras, non-destructive material testing systems. 
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More information on Paris Air Show.


Optical Fibre infrared camera head

This new addition to our Technology Platform NoxEngine allows to split the sensing head of the camera (lens / filter wheel / detector) from the processing unit with optical fiber.

It enables to place the sensing part on hazardous areas (explosive / radioactive / confined / …) while keeping the processing and data storage in a safe location (control room / external shelter / …).

For instance, when acquiring measurement on an explosive environment, it may happen that the camera get accidently blasted. That’s no good, but the most important, is to make sure that measurement data are safe and backed up. This is allowed by moving the processing electronics away from the sensor part.

This technology is available on all our products and would benefit in situations such as :

  • Measurement in explosive environment
  • Measurement in strong magnetic environment
  • Measurement in ionizing environment
  • When camera or core is mounted on mast. It allows weight reduction on the mast, while allowing to access the processing unit from a remote station.
  • Placing the sensing part on aircraft pod while having the processing unit on the cabin

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Visualise gas in infrared !

Interesting to ‘see’ how wearing masks avoid the forward projections of droplets. Beyond the COVID aspect, visualising CO2 is useful in industry, particularly in leak testing. This video was acquired with a NoxCam equipped with a spectral filter that reveals CO2. Such setup is often used to make measurements on a particular part of the infrared light spectrum, to focus on where the greatest contrast can be revealed. NoxCam is an option, but when even faintest leaks need to be detected, GasCore is a must have.

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NoxCore cameras exhibited at Milipol Paris

Visit us at Milipol.
Noxant in Paris will be present at Milipol 2021, from October 19 to 22. We have new products to show, and for those for whom traveling is not yet an option, we will be ready to showcase our products through video calls. Milipol is a unique show to demonstrate our products for surveillance and security. We will have several NoxCore and NoxCam live ! Contact us to reserve your slot.
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More information on Milipol.

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