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Our Team

We are experts. In many domains such as mechanics, electronics, software, assembly, testing, servicing.
Some of us are working in the field of infrared cameras for decades, some others are experiencing how fascinating is the world of infrared imaging.
All are driven by passion.

Nos engagements

Provide high-tech solutions, using protocols / standards interfaces, adapted or customized for integration in various and diverse systems. Propose high technology solutions, using standard interfaces and protocols, adapted or customized, for integration into vision systems. Facilitate the adoption of infrared technology by adapting interfaces to client / integrators / Industrial standards.

  • High Performance Infrared Cameras and Core, for all infrared bands

  • Highly integrated and adapted to our users applications

  • Best in class integration support and servicing

Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions we usually get. Straightforward answer is simple :

Let’s discuss this together.

We love to share our expertise.

What is best between MWIR and LWIR wavebands ?2023-04-12T14:41:44+02:00

It all depends on what you want to achieve. Each bands have pros and cons.

For instance, a cooled LWIR surveillance system can show better atmospheric penetration upon certain atmosphere, compared to MWIR. But LWIR lenses need to be faster (smaller f#), due to the diffraction limit. This drives larger lenses, hence bigger, heavier and more expensive systems. MWIR can be a good trade off, but again, it depends on the mission to accomplish.

On measurement systems, it mostly depends upon the type of experiment and/or measurement conditions. We are here for you to help define the best suitable configuration. And if it’s a technology we don’t use, that’s also fine to let you know and give you workable answers.

One word : Contactez-nous !

What is the difference between a measurement and surveillance camera ?2023-04-02T20:27:30+02:00

Most often, a measurement camera aims to measure as accurately as possible and as fast as possible, but generally at distances of less than 1m.
Surveillance systems aim to detect an object or a living being at the greatest possible distance, up to 50km.

As both product lines are based on the same NoxEngine technology, crossed implementation leads to unique feature sets which benefit your application.

Give us a call to it discuss !

Can I build my camera from third-parties off the shelf components ?2023-03-30T19:11:06+02:00


But putting together a lens and a detector will be just the beginning of a looooonnnng journey.
At Noxant, we are designing, manufacturing and servicing cooled infrared cameras for more than 30 years (yes, before the company was settled). Through this experience, we learned that providing a nice imaging, reliable and good working camera is not straightforward and requires a lot’s of mechanical and optical integration tricks, specific electronic architecture, advanced image processing, realtime system management. And all of this for all the cameras that will be delivered.

So, go save time and money, and get in touch with us now.

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