Our Mission

Provide high-tech solutions, using protocols / standards interfaces, adapted or customized for integration in various and diverse systems. Propose high technology solutions, using standard interfaces and protocols, adapted or customized, for integration into vision systems. Facilitate the adoption of infrared technology by adapting interfaces to client / integrators / Industrial standards. 





company founders


Laurent Dague


Laurent Dague is responsible for the general management of the company, relationships with authorities and suppliers. He manages the production and delivery of Noxant products. He worked for 18 years in the field of infrared vision. Prior to co-founding Noxant, he was plant manager and operations manager FLIR ATS France. Previously, until 2008, he was responsible for production in Cedip Infrared Systems, which he had joined in 1996, occupying engineering and project manager positions, and then as head of research department. Laurent is graduated from HEC Business School.

Emmanuel Vanneau

Sales and Marketing

Emmanuel Vanneau has 19 years of experience in the field of infrared vision and non-contact thermal measurement. He was director of Products Management and Engineering at FLIR ATS France until 2014. During 5 years, he was director of scientific products. In Cedip Infrared Systems, he led software development, before leading the engineering department. Emmanuel is a graduate of the School of Industrial design and production of CNAM. He received a Master of Business Administration from IAE Paris Sorbonne and a degree of Berkeley Haas Business School in Product Innovation in 2013.

Stéphane Berrebi

Projects and Products

Stéphane Berrebi has contributed to the success of Cedip Infrared Systems and FLIR ATS for 24 years. He has held various roles within development teams, as an engineer and project manager. He later joined the management team as a product support engineer and product manager. In parallel, he developed the after sales support internationally.

Eric Bohain


Eric Bohain manages the technical development of Noxant, with particular attention to the NOXEngine platform. Eric Bohain developed, for over 12 years, software architectures of infrared systems in Cedip Infrared Systems and FLIR ATS France. Eric Bohain is a leading expert in tracking algorithms, image enhancement, metrology and automated production tools. He is specialized in embedded and real time systems.

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About Noxant

Founded by highly experienced vision specialists, Noxant designs and develops groundbreaking vision solutions for industrial and surveillance applications. 

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