Custom Camera for your application,
based on NoxEngine Platform


Your projects have specific needs, whether by the pallet functionality required, or the specificity of the implementation. We will analyze your needs and propose you a tailored solution. Based on the technology platform NoxEngine , its feature library and its modularity, the solution will bring the unmatched level of performance while maintaining aggressive delivery time.


With over 20 years experience in managing international high-technology projects, our team will guide you in identifying the best solution for your project, and will monitor the development, implementation work and setup in your application. 


Training will be scheduled with your staff to minimize implementation time and thus maximize profits for your business. 


Each project is unique, and your sure does not look like any other. Take touch with us to discuss it. 







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About Noxant

Founded by highly experienced vision specialists, Noxant designs and develops groundbreaking vision solutions for industrial and surveillance applications. 

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